Material Storage

Upon arrival at the warehouse, the asphalt from the plant in Val di Non is unloaded in dedicated areas, ensuring optimal organisation of space to facilitate subsequent material handling and preparation operations.

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The material in the cooling phase is handled and subsequently transferred to the packaging area. Each step is crucial to guarantee the quality of the final product.


The asphalt is packaged in bags, buckets and big bags, through an automated process that combines precision and speed. This phase is essential to ensure that the product is ready for transport, maintaining its quality unaltered until final delivery.


The transport of the material is managed independently by our logistics office which organizes the entire shipment. This phase includes the verification of the necessary documentation for both local and international transport.


Cold asphalt

Cold asphalt, unlike traditional asphalt, which requires high temperatures to be laid, can be applied at room temperature. This makes it more practical and versatile, particularly useful for rapid interventions and in variable climatic conditions.

In the Mezzolombardo (Trento) factory we deal with bagging and also for sale to private individuals, including abroad.



Logistics in the field of cold asphalt includes the planning, organization and efficient control of the material storage and transport processes. For cold asphalt, this means ensuring the product is stored in optimal conditions and delivered to construction or road maintenance sites in a timely manner. Logistical effectiveness ensures that asphalt maintains its quality and is ready for use as soon as needed, minimizing downtime on the construction site and improving the overall efficiency of road maintenance operations.

In the Mezzolombardo warehouse we package and ship cold asphalt with meticulous efficiency. The logistics organization is optimized to guarantee maximum quality and timeliness in deliveries, respecting high standards of safety and environmental sustainability.