Water-reactive cold asphalt

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IdroPatch is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, ready-to-use, cold-apply, single-component, water-reactive, ready-mixed, single-component conglomerate that hardens through a chemical process upon contact with water, allowing the road surface to be quickly repaired without interrupting traffic. IdroPatch can withstand high loads if applied on a solid, clean, non-sagging and well-compacted substrate. With IdroPatch it is possible to repair potholes between 20 and 70 mm thick in a single layer. For filling thicker holes, several layers of product can be applied on top of each other, taking care to wet and compact each individual layer. IdroPatch, after hardening, does not soften even at high temperatures, is resistant to frost and rain, and thus guarantees a long-lasting and stable result similar to a traditional hot laid asphalt. 

Main features

It is activated by water 

Different grain sizes available

Suitable for all types of traffic 

High water resistance and suitable for all seasons

Long product life

Easy to apply

Immediate opening to traffic

Ability to level and reload


Car parks and junctions

Loading/unloading yards, access ramps for pavements, garages and private entrances, private areas, condominium areas and shopping centres. 

Roads and motorways

Areas with high and heavy traffic, including drainage. 

Pedestrian areas

Pavements, cycle paths, crossings, gardens. 


Airport runways, concrete surface restoration and parking areas. 


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