Cold-mix structured asphalt
with resolving SBS 

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KaltAsphalt plus is a high-performance cold conglomerate, equal to that of a hot conglomerate, with a much higher seal than traditional cold conglomerates. KaltAsphalt plus is the only cold conglomerate made using binder modified with SBS. This composition guarantees an effective and long-lasting result in the closure of holes, both deep and superficial, in the maintenance of manhole covers and pavements, as well as in the restoration of underground utility sites. With KaltAsphalt plus we give the security of a rapid intervention, in all weather and traffic conditions. Resistant to freezing, thawing and salt, it withstands intense vehicular traffic without cracking or sagging. Being a multi-seasonal product it allows long storage in both summer and winter.

Main features

 Highly modified conglomerate with SBS 

It is activated immediately by compression with the sole passage of the vehicle
Frost and high temperature resistant (-30 °C | + 80 °C)
Lower labor costs due to durability in the hole
Bag that can be disposed of in urban plastic waste
Does not stick to tires, odorless
 It is not afraid of water and salt


Classic potholes
even with water

You can use KaltAsphalt plus in the presence of water by pouring the product into the pit without prior cleaning. 

and cycle paths

By compacting KaltAsphalt plus with a vibratory plate, you easily repair kerbstones. 

Restoration of subsurface excavations

Thanks to the mechanical performance of KaltAsphalt plus, you can close the construction site and reopen it to traffic in a very short time, without being constrained by the production and transport schedules of the hot asphalt mix. 

Manhole covers

Thanks to its versatility, KaltAsphalt plus has no problems with adherence to different materials. 

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