Research and experimentation

Constant attention to market trends, to the needs of public administrations and private entities (airport, motorway, municipal companies and businesses) gives us continuous stimuli to develop, test and validate new products and services for road maintenance.


Beton Asfalti has its own production plant located in Cis (TN) in Val di Non. Over the years, thanks to important technological and structural adaptations, it has been profoundly improved in terms of productivity and safety to meet the evolving demands of customers.

Quality controls

In addition to the periodic quality controls required by ISO 9001 and EC standards (bituminous mixes, aggregates, recyclates, emulsion), Beton Asfalti has implemented a system of additional procedures and controls to monitor in real time all production and paving phases of the mixes produced daily.

Paving mix

In order to improve the quality of the paving work, the fleet was completely renewed, purchasing new Vögele road pavers, Bomag and Hamm road rollers, Johnston sweepers, and new double-cab vans equipped with everything necessary for the paving teams. This allows Beton Asfalti to carry out job sites throughout Trentino-Alto Adige and the neighbouring provinces.

Hot mix asphalt

The hot mix production plant is managed by a highly qualified technical manager who coordinates all production activities including aggregate crushing. Thanks to computerisation and dedicated software, production, process control and maintenance are efficiently planned and managed. In the Declarations of Performance for our production (PDO), references to current regulations/standards are given.

Main productions



Wear carpet


Splittmastix SMA12

Cold mix asphalt

High-performance cold asphalt is produced at the CIS (TN) production plant, using an exclusive formula that involves the use of binder only in solid form and hot mixing at +180°C.

Crushing plant

The aggregate crushing plant works in synergy with the hot mix production plant. In addition to the various types and grain sizes of aggregates, materials from demolition are also processed to obtain recycled stabilisers. In the Declarations of Performance for our products (PDO), references to current regulations/standards are given.

Main productions of aggregates and recyclates

Washed sand

Grit (03-08 | 08-12 | 12-25)

Mixed 0-25

Stabilised recycled

Gravel 20/70

Bitumen sheath recovery plant

After shredding and sorting, bituminous membranes can be easily recycled into asphalt for road use.