Professional and durable hot road sealing service 

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Inspection and quotation

We carry out detailed inspections and draw up accurate estimates, analysing road conditions in depth to plan optimal interventions. Specialising in the use of cold asphalt, we guarantee quick and durable solutions, with a constant focus on quality and efficiency of service. 


Deep cleaning of cracks and road cracks with an air jet of 8 to 10 bar generated by a high-pressure compressor that allows the removal of debris and dust, plus thanks to an LPG pipe system installed on our equipment, mixes the flame with compressed air, generating temperatures of up to 1,100°, allowing the crack to dry out completely and heating the crack walls, allowing deep penetration and tenacious adhesion to the bituminous mastic. 


Hot injection of bituminous mastic to achieve complete saturation of the cracks. A 500-litre thermo-controlled melter continuously melts the mastic, creating a homogeneous mass at a controlled temperature of 160° to 190°. Injection is by means of an electro-heated thermal lance with a nozzle of our own design that allows deep injection and the implementation of the ‘lid’ at the top to block water infiltration. Mobile equipment complying with regulations, equipped with flashing light. 


Surface blasting of hot seals with 2/4 mm grit preblasted with 3% binder. The grit makes the surface rough to ensure adequate grip and prevent night glare generated by vehicle headlights. Paving by hand or, in the case of large-area longitudinal cracks, with special mobile equipment with controlled dosing, modular motorised advancement that allows a suitable paving speed to follow the cleaning and injection team, providing constant and continuous paving. 

Specification item

SBS Sigil plus is a technology that makes use of a unique mobile plant, complete with all the professional equipment needed to perform hot sealing of longitudinal and transverse cracks in the road surface, guaranteeing high productivity, rapid site execution, easy movement and great autonomy. With this mobile plant we operate throughout Italy, including the islands, in complete autonomy. 

Ownership of the service

 High elasticity 
Excellent adhesion to the flooring
Deep penetration

Mobile plant capable of operating throughout the Italian territory


Ricerca e sperimentazione

We use top-quality bituminous mastics on both runways and hard (concrete) floors used for passenger loading and aircraft parking.

Urban and suburban roads, pavements and cycle paths

We operate with the same precision and speed, both on state and provincial roads, as well as in the city, including cycle paths as long as the truck used for sealing (2.50 m wide) is allowed to pass. 


We also work on cracks in the paving joints of motorway drainage pavements, without creating any problems for the water disposal capacity of the pavements themselves, guaranteeing a minimum daily production of 2,500 running metres. 

Plots of various sizes

SBS Sigil plus is also used for the landscaping of forecourts and car parks, guaranteeing precision and cleanliness and greatly extending the life of the pavement. 

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