Bituminous emulsion for primer coats to improve adhesion on the surfaces to be treated

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BA Primer Spray is a bituminous emulsion for primer coats to maximize adhesion when using both high-performance and water-reactive cold asphalt. Clean the surface to be treated and apply BA Primer Spray by spraying it at a distance of 10-20 cm. For optimal adhesion, leave BA Primer Spray to act for 20-30 minutes before applying the cold asphalt.

Main features

Easy, precise and fast use

Ideal as a pre-treatment before closing potholes

Disposable in lightweight packaging

Improves adhesion on the perimeter edges of potholes


Classic potholes

You can use BA Primer by applying it to the edges of classic potholes to improve the adhesion of the cold asphalt used for the repair.

Hot asphalting

Apply BA Primer before laying the surface course to improve the adhesion of the road pavement.

Underground excavation

You can apply BA Primer along the cut sides for trench rehabilitation, the product improves adhesion on the edges of the asphalt used for rehabilitation.

Manhole covers

Use BA Primer on the edges of manhole covers, gullies and cut edges during operations to level or restore manhole covers and gullies.



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