Fibre-reinforced quick mortar for crowning and road repairs

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Ready-to-use fibre-reinforced quick mortar formulated with hydraulic binders and aggregates in a continuous grain size curve from 0 to 4 mm. MaltaRapid pro is characterised by fast setting and hardening times, develops high mechanical strength even with short curing times and has excellent qualities in terms of workability and plasticity. The composition of the product guarantees excellent durability properties in the presence of repeated freezing and thawing cycles, against de-icing salts and in the presence of oils and hydrocarbons, and its dark colouring allows perfect integration with the road surface. The product is supplied in 25 kg bags.

Main features

Fibred for greater strength
Black to match the colour of the asphalt
Resistant to salt, frost and thaw
High workability
Fast commissioning: driveability in 2 hours
No salt efflorescence phenomena


Manholes and drains

Quick and ultra-durable repositioning.

Road surface

Reconstruction and repair of damaged or missing portions

Road signs

Installation and quick fixing of road signs and structures

Street furniture

Fixing and repairing elements such as road signs and bollards



Specific products for road maintenance

Cold asphalt mixture structured with SBS solution

Hydro-reactive cold mix for permanent professional repairs

High-strength, rapid-setting, fiber-reinforced black technical mortar, used without formwork