Fast-curing two-component polyurethane resin 

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VibroBlock is a two-component, quick-hardening thixotropic polyurethane resin specially developed by Beton Asfalti to completely eliminate the noise caused by deformed manhole covers that are no longer stable within their frame. The application of the product guarantees safety and acoustic comfort with excellent durability. The product is supplied in two versions: plus and ultra. VibroBlock plus comes in a pack of 6 x 400 ml cartridges and VibroBlock ultra comes in a pack of 12 x 50 ml cartridges that can both be used with special hand guns. They are used to completely eliminate the noise generated by defective manhole covers that move within their frame as vehicles pass. They are ideal for both linear and point-supported manhole covers. VibroBlock plus and ultra have an elastic modulus that allows them to be used even between materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion (cast iron/aluminium) (aluminium/glass).

Main features

Resistant to oil, petrol, acids and sewage 

Absorbs without deforming 

Does not pollute the environment as it is 100% recyclable 

Fast curing, cures in 5 minutes (ultra) and 1 hour (plus) 

Immediate opening to traffic (ultra) 


Point-supported drain

VibroBlock plus and ultra are ideal for restoring the coplanarity of square and rectangular drains. 

Manhole covers with linear support

VibroBlock plus and ultra are ideal for restoring the coplanarity of support edges and the relative tightness to traffic and vibration of circular manhole covers. 


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