Resistant to oil, petrol, acids and sewage:

VibroBlock Plus is a two-component polymeric resin of aeronautical origin.

It is supplied in 260 mL cartridges with a special mixing nozzle so that with the extrusion, the two components are mixed and activated. Once polymerised, it is resistant to mineral and vegetable oils, gasoline, acids and corrosive sewage.


Absorbs without deforming:

VibroBlock Plus has an elastic module that is neither too rigid to absorb shocks and thermal expansion, nor too soft so as not to disintegrate due to fatigue. It is supplied with a spray can of thread-like grease to be used as a release agent on the manhole and/or trap.


Fast hardening:

VibroBlock Plus, by mixing during the extrusion in the special nozzle, cures according to the outside temperature in 1 or maximum 2 hours. To ensure perfect adhesion to the frame, it must be clean, dry and free of dust. The manhole cover should be sprayed with release grease along the supporting edges to ensure future openings.



Once cured, VibroBlock Plus is completely inert, does not burn, releases no emissions and therefore does not pollute the environment. It is 100% recyclable because it can be ground and reused as a filler.

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