Technical data
Marshall Stability kN
> 4.6
Marshall Rigidity kN/mm > 2.2
Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS)  kPa > 80
Vacuums with rotating grip (100 rpm)   < 6%
ASTM E303 Skid Test   > 53
Bitumen flaking ASTM D3625N-12   < 5%
Specific weight t/m³ from +5 to +40
Constituent materials
Binder percentage 6%
Binder modified with elasto-polymer SBS only (spectrography)
Binder (bitumen) No additions
Milled / filler 34%
Inert basaltic nature 60%
Particle size 0-8 mm


KaltAsphalt Plus protects the environment
Binder modified with SBS
100% Recycled
Milled Recycled 100% Recycled
KaltAsphalt Plus is recyclable 100%
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) No additions
Green product certificate  ISO 14021:2016
Sack Disposal (Corepla) Lightweight packaging / plastic


Constituent materials
Guaranteed workability in bulk and in bags Over 12 months
Functionality in a hole full of water/rain Excellent
Operating temperature -30°C +80°C
Resistance to frost and thaw cycles Without disintegration
In-situ resistance on spider webs/crepa More than 12 months
Resistance in situ in wheel-rut/dimple More than 24 months
Resistance in situ in a delimited hole More than 36 months



Supply of cold mix in bags weighing 20 kg, structured type, compression reagent. The product will consist of basaltic aggregates, recycled aggregates (milled road) and bituminous binder, obtained exclusively from recycling, modified only with SBS elastomeric polymer. The product must contain at least 40% recycled materials. The product must not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The material must adhere perfectly to any deterioration of the road surface, holes, wheel-ruts, crocodile-skin cobwebs, without the need for any kind of coating. Its use will be possible even in the presence of rain or wet road surface. Once used, the product must not be softened by high temperatures. Furthermore, the product must not show phenomena of stiffening in the bag at temperatures below zero (-15°C) while maintaining its technical characteristics of use. Marshall stability higher than 4.5 kN, percentage of rotating press vacuums: 100 rpm <6% and indirect ITS traction of more than 80 kPa. The bags, once emptied, must not have a dry residue exceeding 2% of the weight of the packaging so as not to constitute special waste and can be disposed of in ordinary plastic. The workability of the product must be guaranteed for at least 24 months. The production cycle must comply with the "Minimum environmental criteria" described in standard UNI EN ISO 14021:2016, with the declaration of the minimum percentage of 40% of recycled material, all certified by a qualified certification body.

item code: KAP1 (region)

1 pallet
50 20-kg bags


item code: KAP4 (region)

4 pallets
200 20-kg bags


item code: KAP8 (region)

8 pallets
400 20-kg bags



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