KaltAsphalt Plus is currently the only cold-structured conglomerate made exclusively from a solid bituminous binder, which has been modified exclusively with SBS.SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) is a thermoplastic elastomer that gives the bitumen an elastic return of 95%.

This allows us to obtain a product that adapts perfectly to any deformation of the road surface.


High workability:

KaltAsphalt Plus is a product that is easy to use due to its extreme workability. It does not require cleaning of the laying surface or the use of any "manual coating". Simply pour the product, level it if necessary, perform an initial compaction and open to vehicular traffic, which will complete the solidification. The intervention will be completed in a perfect workmanlike manner without the need for any special tools.


Frost resistant:

KaltAsphalt Plus, because it does not contain any trace of traditional bituminous binders, maintains its characteristics of great workability even at very low temperatures (-30°C). At the same time, when used in the presence of intense cold, thanks to its great elasticity, it will not cause problems of structural fractures.


Resistant to high temperatures:

KaltAsphalt Plus uses a highly oxidised product as binder, which gives it high resistance to solar radiation. Consequently, it does not cause softening problems when applied. Up to climatic temperatures of more than 60°C, it will not create any softening effect.



The intrinsic structure of the product makes KaltAsphalt Plus 100% eco-friendly. It is totally recyclable in case of the milling of road surfaces, does not contain low-boiling solvents that are normally the cause of unpleasant odours, and complies with the "Minimum environmental criteria" identified in the "Action plan for the environmental sustainability of consumption by the Public Administration" adopted by Ministerial Decree dated 24 December 2015. This conformity is expressed with reference to standard UNI EN ISO 14021 validated by a qualified Certifying Body. In addition, the empty transparent bags do not constitute special waste and can be disposed of as ordinary plastic.


Resistant in situ:

KaltAsphalt Plus can be used without distinction in any situation of deterioration of the road surface. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by a minimum of 12 months if used on a simple cobweb, to 24 months when put in place to fill footprints due to subsidence of the road surface, up to 36 months if used in the classic surrounded hole.


Activated immediately by compression:

KaltAsphalt Plus does not work by evaporation as its composition is free of low-boiling solvents, but its activation is immediate and increases as the vehicles pass over it.

It therefore works by compression and, unlike other products, the more stressed it is, the better it behaves.


Not dirty, odourless:

One of the most important features of KaltAsphalt Plus is that it does not release any type of bituminous residue. It is practically a dry product that does not grease garments, tools or any truck bodies when used in bulk.In addition, it is totally odourless, as it does not contain low-boiling solvents. All this is to the great advantage of the staff who normally apply it and of the public, who will be spared of problems caused by scattered materials and unpleasant odours.


It doesn't stick to your tyres:

Thanks to its special structure, KaltAsphalt Plus does not stick to tyres and remains perfectly anchored on the road surface.


Does not fear water and salt:

KaltAsphalt Plus can be used both in the presence of a hole full of water, without the need to empty it, and in case of rain.

It is also not affected by the use of products such as sodium chloride (road salt), lime chloride or magnesium (ice melting).



Maintenance with KaltAsphalt Plus is permanent, because it involves a single operation within a period of time between 12 and 36 months, depending on where it is used.

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